Our Services

We can help you sort out all of the Medicare options.

Confused about the difference between “parts” and “plans”? Concerned you may not have the medical coverage you need? We can help you. And for those of you approaching age 65, its not too soon to start looking at your options.

We also offer Health and Life Insurance

The coverage you need for yourself and your family to give you piece of mind. We offer health plans to fit many needs and budgets, as well as dental and vision plans.

We also offer Life Insurance to protect your family when they will need it most.

Plan your retirement with an Annuity

Did you know an annuity can earn a much higher return than a traditional bank CD? Check our online rate sheets and see the possibilities.

Annuities can also offer tax advantages.

We also offer...

Burial Insurance, IRA’s, and other products for your family. And we are always happy to give advice. Please give us a call at 812-934-6600 if you have any questions!

Not Sure What a Certain Term Means?

Then you might want to visit our Glossary of Terms provided on this website, where you will find a list of insurance words and terms to help you in your decisons. Just click here.